About Us

Tyedo Investments (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Botswana citizen owned company and through one of its services, fraud and corruption prevention, provides consultancy to a variety of organizations, both public and private in the field of fraud and corruption prevention as well as special forensic investigation. It also provides a wide range of services in the area of human resources and business process re-engineering.

As corruption and fraud continue to creep into our society, there is quest and high demand for anti corruption strategies to run and operate clean administration in the work place, both in the private and public sector.

Our Vision

To be an organisation of choice in managing corruption risk, promoting interity, good governance and service delivery.

Our Mission

The prime focus of our business is fraud and corruption prevention in the work place.We provide our customers with long term commitment and support to eliminate opportunities for fraud and corruption thereby promoting good governance and uphold trust and confidence in the work place. 

Our Company Aims

  • Simplified procedures
  • Structuring discretionary powers
  • Making systems more transparent and accountable
  • Enhanced management information systems
  • Ensuring soundness of financial management systems
  • Eliminate fraud/corruption opportunities