Our Services

Organizations continue to suffer from fraud and corruption despite the existence of a number of internal controls, resulting in huge losses.  People who are intent on defrauding government will always find ways of subverting or overriding systems, processes and procedures, especially in the areas of finance and procurement.  Fraud and corruption result from bribes, collusion, bid rigging, conflict of interests, embezzlement, extortion, influence peddling and others. The dearth of management, leadership, professional skills and the absence of a code of ethics and values also contributes adversely to the problem.  This has consequently put pressure on organisations to demonstrate to stakeholders as to how they are managing fraud and corruption risks. Nevertheless, there is ample evidence in studies and surveys that showthat over 80% of fraud and corruption can be prevented through training and strengthening of work systems.

Our portfolio of training and consulting products provides our clients with competitive, customised and complete solutions for ultimate business success in managing corruption risks.  Our services have been carefully designed to meet the rising demand of clean administrations and to instil integrity and ethical culture at the work place. The range of services includes both training and consulting for both private and public sectors. Our superior skills and knowledge are second to none.

  • Advisory service i.e investigation, prevention and awareness
  • Monitoring and evaluation of performance systems
  • CEO Training on anti corruption techniques and conflict of interests
  • Training on money laundering and prevention techniques
  • Developing fraud resistance and avoidance strategies/instruments
  • Promoting anti corruption culture through value ethics/ethics systems
  • Equipping staff to prepare and monitor anti corruption activities that are appropriate to local conditions and culture
  • Conducting training on strategies for combating corruption
  • Assessing internal control systems
  • Assisting Governments to build capacity towards a corruption free nation
  • Undertaking investigation work  on Corporate Governance and Crimes
  • Conducting forensic  review of documents and other related available information
  • Advise on gifts policy and procedure
  • Wide range of Human Resource Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering

The overarching goal of our services is to protect the organization from economic, reputational and legal risks associated with the fraud allegation.