Our main consulting services


We assist clients in conducting investigations related to allegations of fraud, bribery, and corruption. We bring a dedicated team of experienced forensic accountants, investigators, business intelligence professionals, and former law enforcement officers to conduct such investigations. We work closely with our clients, their outside counsel, and the regulators to help them navigate the thorny issues faced by them. Moreover, we also have business intelligence services range from conducting public record searches to confidential discreet inquiries that equip our clients with the “right information” to mitigate the risk of fraud and corruption.

Forensic Data Analytics

Our professionals specialize in collecting and analysing large volumes of complex data to detect fraudulent issues; they perform tests and raise red flags, to identify and isolate suspicious transactions within the vast data fields that are generated in business daily.

Corruption Risk Management

Evaluating anti-fraud/corruption controls in business processes or functions is the foundation on which effective anti-fraud/corruption processes are built. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, the inherent risks and weaknesses in their controls, and advise them on developing policies and procedures that can support a robust, yet flexible anti-corruption framework. We assist organizations in conducting a comprehensive evaluation of anti-fraud/corruption controls periodically, using risk management tools that are tailored to the organization’s processes and specific industry for detecting gaps in their existing anti-fraud controls.

Due Diligence Assessment

Before and after entering into transactions involving mergers and acquisitions and private equity/venture capital investments, we assist our clients in evaluating bribery and corruption-related risks involving the operations of target company(s) that are being considered for acquisition and/or investment.

Whistle Blowing Services

An objective and confidential reporting mechanism system enables employees to voice their concerns against unprofessional conduct in the workplace. This results in a high level of accountability and transparency within the organization. Tyedo Ltd assists clients in setting up their independent whistle-blowing system and manages the tracking, assessments and benchmarking of complaints, concerns, and issues of various kinds raised through this anonymous reporting system.