Benefits of Fighting Corruption

If we join hands in fighting corruption, we will definitely reap the following:

Country level

  • Sustained prosperity and economic growth
  • Increase in public revenue.
  • Job creation
  • Enough Funds for our social services.
  • Improved infrastructure.
  • Provide better education and health care.
  • Alleviate poverty.
  • Improve living standards.
  • Stand proud among nations.
  • Resources will be used to develop the country.
  • Reduction of crime rate and improved security.
  • Production of quality products at affordable prices.
  • Increased investor confidence in the country
  • Peace and stability in the country.

Organisational level

  • Enhanced reputation of organizations and its people
  • Achieving organisational goals and objectives
  • Improved accountability and transparency
  • Improved systems, processes and procedures
  • Achieve good governance at organizational level and uphold trust and confidence in the systems
  • Improved service delivery
  • Improved cost of production
  • Improved staff morale

Individual level

  • Living in dignity and self-respect
  • No risk of facing any punishment or criminal charges
  • Gaining respect from others for  integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness
  • Increased employability
  • Rewards from organisation in terms of promotions and higher salary.