Prosecutors and regulators across the globe are becoming increasingly active in enforcing anti-corruption legislation. Organizations must therefore focus their efforts on developing and maintaining “a fit for purpose” anti-bribery and corruption program, or else risk huge fines and reputational damage.

Tyedo Ltd delivers tailor-made, efficient and cost-effective corruption prevention, investigation and human resources solutions.We have over the years worked on some of the most critical and complex global anti-bribery and corruption engagements. We are adept at identifying bribery and corruption risks and responding to potential violations.  Our professionals have delivered anti-bribery and corruption compliance solutions including investigations, development of anti-corruption policies, compliance program implementations, operating effectiveness and gap assessments for some of Botswana’s leading organisations.

The objectives of our consulting services are:

  • To protect organizations by effectively incorporating anti-bribery and corruption compliance policies, as well as effective detection and investigation procedures, into their anti-fraud strategy.
  • To integrate anti-fraud initiatives into their fraud risk management program.